Have you ever wondered what on Earth your Jefferson Real Estate Realtor is doing?

No, we don’t mean anything underhanded, naughty, or downright felonious—far from it, in fact. So relax. What we’re talking about is a mystery: In the sometimes confusing, occasionally hectic, and always stressful world of buying and selling, what are your agents really doing behind the scenes?

We’re here to shed a bit of light! For every hour an Broker spends in your presence, he or she will spend an average of 8+ hours out of eyesight working on your behalf. Why? Because brokers don’t get paid if they don’t close the deal, they don't get paid if an appointment doesn't write a contract!  Unlike lawyers who bill by the hour, agents won’t receive a penny until (or unless) a sale comes through.  Listings are nice but again the broker also doesn't get paid until it sells. 

Also every JRE Broker is required to work weekends (yes Saturday & Sunday)... this is when 75-80% of the buyers walk in!  We know being in a remote second home market this is when the majority of folks are able to come into the mountains and spend time looking around.  Especially on holiday or long weekends.... we know we will be busy.

It’s ALL a gamble in the business, in which they could shoot snake eyes and come away empty-handed. This is the business.

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