Your Source of Water

Nearly all of the properties available in Park County do not have access to a central water system. So the only alternative is to call in a well drilling company and as they say “Punch a hole!!”. Most wells are over 200 feet but the depths production rates will vary WIDELY across Park County and even per well.

General Well Diagram

Water quality is of course very important and its nice to know with so much granite most of the wells taste great!! Many folks will even haul water back home from their weekend cabin saying its tastes much better, even as good a filtered bottled water. During a purchase you can of course get the well tested for production rate and potability, this way you know what the water quality is currently.

All wells have to be permitted and logged with the state, so we can get the records of how deep and what a well produces as well as the licensed driller and licensed pump installer. Some searches in the records may take a bit more time if its an older well but 99.9% of the time they can be found.