Dream BIG!! 

Dream of being in the Center of Colorado, right in the Heart of the Rockies!!  This is the place for you and your family to create those amazing memories in the Mountains.

Carved out of the Heart of Colorado, South Park is a small, remote mountain area that represents the best that Colorado has to offer. Perhaps the best kept secret in “the last best place,” South Park is a year-round paradise. Located just South of Breckenridge Colorado and surrounded by National Forest, Park County Colorado offers the natural beauty and charm that has made this state famous.

South Parks greatest legacy has always been the tremendous outdoor activities. Deep snow and amazing slopes just over Hoosier Pass have helped it gain a reputation as a mountain gem and now is home to the BEST skiing/snowboarding available with snow.com offering a pass good for Keystone, Breckenridge & A-Basin.  For the fisherman, there is no better location to call home, as there are endless opportunities to fish within an easy drive including the famed Dream Stream, Platte and the fishing opportunities in Pike National Forest. Pike National Forest surrounds the county and entices visitors from all over the world with its incredible beauty and unrivaled natural attractions. Perhaps the greatest dilemma faced in South Park is choosing between the numerous recreational opportunities that you can experience from the comfort of your Mountain Property.

Maps – Directions

We can not stress this enough stop by for maps of the area!!  We have a great overview map for the county and then close up maps of the different areas that will make your search MUCH easier and MUCH less stressful.

Cell phones can be fairly unreliable not to mention that Google, Bing and many other mapping programs are not accurate, roads are wrong, addresses are off and more!  The maps we have taken the time to make not only show roads but lot layouts and what is around the area as well.