What is Property Selling For Per Acre in Park County?

“What is property selling for per acre in Park County?" 

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This is a very common question we get and unfortunately the short answer is:

There is no price per acre average for ALL of Park County.  Park County is HUGE and with so many types of different terrain, locations & features this all factors into the price.

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“What is property selling for per acre in such and such area?”

While this narrows it down a little bit, the short answer is:
There is no exact price per acre average for your area. Tree coverage, slope, views, access to power & your location can make your individual piece of property worth 50% more or less than another piece in the same area.

Properties all over the county go for different prices and many factors will affect the price. Below is a list of items that affect the price of each property:

  • The Market - what have other properties similar to yours been selling for nearby with in the last few months?  If they get a loan on it we will need to show sales similar nearby and within a few months.
  • Location - Where is it in Park County?   How far or close to the pavement is it?  Park County is over 2,200 square miles. For refference its bigger than Delaware, twice the size of Rhode Island & 3 times larger than Maui.
  • Topography - Is it covered with trees, lots of rock or is it open meadow or somewhere in between?  Buyers wants and needs dictate the price we can get.  
  • Neighbors - No houses nearby will make a difference, if they are built close to the lot line it will make a difference & if the neighbor is not the neatest that will make a differeence as well. 
  • Views- What do you see from your property? Mountains, meadow & valley?  Your neighbors can impact this as well.
  • Road Access- Areas with better road access tend to be more appealing but the other factors will play into this as well.  4wd seasonal access could hamper values. 
  • Trash/Debris- If there is trash/debris on your property that you don't want to clean up then chances are a buyer won't either.  Get it cleaned up before listing.
  • Improvements - Does it have a electric, driveway, pad, well or septic?
  • Amenities - What does your area have to offer property owners? Clubhouse, fishing rights, water system?
  • Access to Power - The closer power is the more desirable a property can be. Or is it a Solar property.
  • Buyers interest - Buyers will come in looking for a particular area.
  • Public Lands - Does the Property back up to or have good close access to any BLM, State or Federal Lands?
  • Live Water/Springs - Does the property have any live water or springs on it, close or access via the HOA?
  • Slope - Is the property easy to build or camp on, or does it need access put in before its accessible with any type of vehicle?
  • Wetlands or Flood plains - If the property has a wet are it can make some properties difficult to build on and some even un-buildable.

So if you want a TRUE value as to what your property is worth we prefer not to shoot from the hip. We will give you an accurate figure by reviewing your actual property first to give you the most accurate figure.

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