Tarryall Fishing Club

Tarryall Fishing Club

Amazing fishing access that entail the most extensive fishing rights in Park County, both Stagestop and Lost Park Ranch. If you own property in either of these areas you get identical fishing rights to 3 amazing ponds and 13 miles of Tarryall River. Have a look!!

Aerial Footage of the Amazing Fishing available.

History of the Club, Courtesy of Tarryall Fishing Club

The Tarryall Fishing Club, or TFC, is a private fishing club comprised of the lot owners in Lost Park Ranch and Stagestop subdivisions, as well as owners of land subject to our 13+ mile fishing lease along Tarryall Creek. Each lot in Lost Park Ranch and Stagestop subdivisions receives a membership and pays annual dues as part of the annual assessment by their respective owner association.

The TFC had its beginning when developers Ken Barber and Bill Poleson, doing business as the Rawhide Company, were planning to develop land along County Road 77 between Jefferson and Lake George, Colorado. In 1976, the developers, as part of a land deal, signed a lease for fishing rights along Tarryall Creek with the Sibley's, which owned the land, The fishing lease was for a term of 99 years with an option to renew for another 99 years.

The developers sold lots in the Lost Park Ranch and Stagestop subdivisions and used the fishing amenity as a sales incentive. They managed the fishing club and stocked fish in the water augmentation reservoirs and the leased stretch along Tarryall Creek.  In 1991, the developers turned the fishing club over to the Lost Park Ranch and Stagestop owner associations. Lost Park Ranch and Stagestop registered Articles of Incorporation with the Colorado Secretary of State to form the Tarryall Fishing Club, Inc. The TFC was formed to provide a forum for the two subdivisions to make joint decisions about the management of the fishing amenity.

The TFC annual dues are collected for efficiency by the owner associations and turned over to the TFC. TFC Membership Cards are mailed out each year in April along with notice of the TFC Annual Membership Meeting, which is held each May. All members (owners from Lost Park Ranch and Stagestop) are invited and encouraged to attend the Annual Membership Meeting. Owners must be current on both owner association dues and TFC dues to vote at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Fish are stocked during the summer in the three water augmentation ponds and in several locations along the approximate 10+ mile leased stretch of Tarryall Creek. Members are required to access the river at designated access points. TFC has its own fishing rules but members must also follow Colorado Fishing Regulations as specified by the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. A TFC Membership Card must be carried by each person when fishing and they must possess a valid Colorado Fishing License if over the age of 16.

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