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Reason To Take Advantage Of A Sellers Market

  • Buyers want to get ahead of an uncertain market.
  • Sellers with high equity can turn a good profit.
  • Unique homes and fixer uppers fare better.
  • Buyers in a competitive market tend to ask for less concessions.

Tips for Selling Your Home

· Paint or Stain the exterior of your home.

· Paint or stain the front door.

· Clean and de-clutter inside and out.

· Make sure there are no leaky faucets or toilets.

· Be prepared for the county septic inspection.

*Painting or staining the exterior of your home dramatically increases the showings . Getting people inside is easier when the outside looks good too. Don’t forget to re-paint/stain the front door! A fresh door is welcoming.

*Clean and de-clutter. Buyers want to see a clean and organized home. Straighten up that wood pile, get rid of the old junk, clean out the garage/shed, wash the patio/deck furniture.

*Leaky faucets/toilets. Go around the house and check all of the faucets and toilets to make sure they are not leaking and/or leaving rust or mineral stains. If there are stains; clean them up.

*Be prepared for the county septic inspection. This is something required by the state for every home sale. There is a fee for this that usually falls on the seller.



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