Park County Shooting Range

Park County Shooting Range

22535 County Road 15
Como, CO 80432

Open from sunrise to 1 hour before sunset, 7 days a week, with a $10 per shooter per day fee.

Amenities include-

2 - 50 yard ranges

2 - 100 yard ranges

1 - 200 yard rifle range

1 - 300 yard rifle range

1 - 600 yard rifle range

2 shotgun ranges (have hand throwers)


Each range (except shotgun) has shooting benches and shade shelters. There are target backers on each range to hang targets as well as wildlife silhouette targets on the longer ranges. There is a $10 fee per shooter cost, payable at the check-in booth. That money is used to purchase new materials, maintenance needs and restroom cleaning. 

CPW helps maintain and fund this range. CPW NE Regional office: (303) 291-7227

Please help us keep this range clean and tidy! Collect your casings, put trash in provided recepticals and make sure to collect all of your targets before you leave!

Kevin Copeland

Email: [email protected]

Cell Phone: 970.368.0025

Office Phone: 719.838.7001

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