National Nut Day

Salted Nuts

National Nut Day was created by the Liberation Foods Company in 2015 to celebrate and commemorate the nut. Initially, their holiday was used as a medium to tell the world about Fair Trade Nuts and the small nut producers which grow them. However, in the last few years, this holiday has spread all over the world and is celebrated by nut fans everywhere. And why shouldn’t nuts be celebrated? After all, they’ve been a part of the human diet for hundreds of thousands of years.

A few facts about nuts

  • Cashew shells are toxic
  • Peanuts aren’t nuts – they are legumes!
  • Pistachios are actually the seed of a fruit
  • Cashews are really fruits
  • The Ancient Greeks treated coughs with Hazelnuts
  • Hazelnuts are called Filberts, too
  • Almonds have potential prebiotic properties
  • 1 serving of Walnuts supplies 100% of your daily Omega-3 requirements
  • 1 serving of Chestnuts supplies 20% of your vitamin C requirements
  • Chocolate manufacturers buy 40% of the world’s almond supply

Is this a serious holiday or is it a little nuts to celebrate it.....*grooooaaaaan*

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