It All Starts With A Search

Elk herd in the snow

Boy oh Boy that last Blizzard was great! The fires got some moisture to push up the kindling point. Our state is still playing it on the safe side and the fire bans are in place. Good Idea! So when are you coming up? We can still get around with ease and Rates are still at record lows. Lots of space with no crowds. New listings daily so watch your searches. Don’t have one, then get hold of us and we will set you up. They come directly from the MLS to your Email as they hit the market. We have been masked up and going strong to keep social distant. May have to shout at you a little when we show property. I see this market sticking around so the only way for prices to go are up. Come and grab one now and make some appreciation over the winter. Things are safer here and less of a total rush. Relax and feel good.

                               In the center. Center of all things Rocky Mountain. Geographical center of Colorado. And the center of good Karma and Peace and Love. You can become one with Nature or bring your significant other and become two with Nature. Hike, bike, fish or go view fishing. Bring your camera. Get closed on your deal and try the Slippin and Slidin at the best Skiing in the Rockies over in Summit County. It all starts with the search. Contact us at Jefferson Real Estate in beautiful South Park. WE can direct you to the Karma Side of the County and the Nature side. You bring the love with a flower in your hair.

Richard Poveromo

Email: [email protected]

Cell Phone: 719.838.1083

Office Phone: 719.838.7002

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