How to handle stray animals on your property

Cats and Dogs
So, you are going outside to grab some firewood and you see a dog on your property.  Oh, no!  What do you do?  Well, the first thing you shouldn’t do is shoot them.  Simply take a quick second to observe the situation.  If the animal is aggressive, DO NOT turn around and run… it will definitely chase you, as that is their instinct.  Simply stay facing the dog, and walk backwards back to your cabin.  If the dog is following you, but is not being aggressive watch it’s ears and tail.  If the ears are up and facing you, and the tail is wagging, chances are, they are a friendly dog, and you have no worries.  Simply clap your hands and yell, tell them to go away.  If they refuse, and they still appear to be friendly squat down to your knees.  They will most likely come to you, do not bend over to pet an unknown dog, they may take that as aggression, and keep their distance, stay squatted and call them.  If they have a collar and a tag, you should get their owner’s phone number, or at least the dog’s name.  If you have NextDoor, simply post that you saw dog “X” on your property.  If not, then contact Animal Control in Park County at 719-836-4380
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