Fishing in Park County, Colorado

What’s the difference between a good fisherman and a bad one?

 Tarryall Reservoir

Well, the answer might not be that easy, but there is one thing that tops the list. Just like they say in REAL ESTATE, it all starts with location, location, location. Lucky for you, we have done the research, explored and tested the waters, and while we may not be revealing all the secret spots, we’ll show you where to start.

Lakes and Reservoirs – There are several lakes and reservoirs in Park County, Colorado that offer fishing year-round. Antero Reservoir, Elevenmile Canyon Reservoir, Spinney Mountain Reservoir, and Jefferson Lake,  all have great fishing.

Rivers & Streams – There are some great creeks, rivers and streams that run through Park County that offer excellent fishing. North Tarryall Creek, Michigan Creek, Upper Fourmile Creek, Beaver Creek, and of course the Middle Fork and South Fork of the South Platte river. One of our favorite places is the Teter-Michigan Creek State Wildlife Area. There is a great 2-mile stretch of public water that has deep pools and some beaver ponds that provide sanctuary for Browns over 16 inches and Brook Trout at an average size of 8 to 10 inches.

All in all, Park County has a great mix of all types of fishing, and if you get out there and explore a little, you will find your favorite secret spot all to yourself. Be sure to get your license from Colorado Parks and Wildlife and have fun! Below is a list of several spots we have either tested or been told about, check them out and let us know about your experience!  Stop in for a FREE MAP if you need help finding any of these locations.

1. Middle Fork above Montgomery Reservoir – Very scenic pocket water fishing for brookies up to 12 inches. Stream is small and brushy with many cascades and plunge pools. Access on foot, mountain bike or 4WD vehicle (only) above the inlet of Montgomery Reservoir.

2. Alma State Wildlife Area – Four miles of public (Division of Wildlife) stream along CR 4 between Montgomery Reservoir and Alma. Resident browns and brookies (6- to 15-inch) in the river and beaver ponds. The stream channel is small, brushy and sinuous.

3. Beaver Creek – Small brushy stream and beaver ponds with small brookies. Several miles of public water in the Pike National Forest on Beaver Creek Road (CR 659). This stream is on private property between Fairplay and the national forest boundary (2 miles).

4. Fairplay Beach Recreation Area – Access from U.S. 285 on Platte Drive south of Fairplay. Stocked annually with rainbow and cutthroat trout (8 to 12 inches). Resident fish up to 20 inches in the reservoir and river; larger browns during late summer and fall.

5. Upper Fourmile Creek – Small brushy stream and beaver ponds in the Pike National Forest with browns and brookies up to 12 inches. From U.S. 285, take Fourmile Creek Road (CR 18) about 5 miles west to the national forest boundary (where the road meets the stream). Public fishing from here to Four Mile Campground, 3 miles upstream.

6. Fourmile Creek (South Park Fly Fishers) – Two private leases containing resident browns and rainbows up to 16 inches. Limited to four fly rods (only) per day. Reservations, daily access fees required. See

7. Tomahawk Ranch State Wildlife Area – Five miles of public fishing access along the Middle Fork, above and below the old town site of Garo on Colo. 9. Gold Medal Waters containing wild browns up to 18 inches; spawning browns during fall.

8. Badger Basin State Wildlife Area – Public access to the Middle Fork along CR 439 near Hartsel. Gold Medal waters containing wild browns up to 18 inches; larger browns during fall. Separated from Tomahawk Ranch SWA by private property.
The South Fork and its Tributaries (Weston Pass to Elevenmile Reservoir)

9. Weston Pass – Public access at several points on the South Fork along CR 22 above Weston Pass Campground. Abundant small (under 10 inches) brookies in the river and beaver ponds.

10. Rough & Tumbling Creek – Access at two points along CR 22 (Weston Pass). Upper section requires a short hike from Rich Creek trailhead for abundant small (under 10-inch) brookies. Lower section can be reached via Forest Roads 430 and 432 for larger (under 15-inch) browns.

11. Arrowhead Ranch Fly Fishing Resort – 13 miles south of Fairplay on U.S. 285. Private fly-fishing resort for members only (annual fee required). Wild browns up to 30 inches in the river; stocked rainbows and browns up to 10 pounds in four man-made lakes. Artificial flies and fly rods only. Call (719) 836-2374 for fee information and membership availability.

12. Knight-Imler State Wildlife Area – 14 miles south of Fairplay on U.S. 285. Slow, meandering stream that was restored in 2002. Fishing is slowly improving since the drought of 2002.

13. Antero State Wildlife Area and 63 Ranch above Antero Reservoir – Slow meandering stream with fair to poor fishing due to the drought of 2002 and subsequent draining of Antero Reservoir.

14. Lower Fourmile Creek – Part of Badger Basin State Wildlife Area, lower Fourmile Creek offers small stream meadow fishing for browns up to 18 inches near Colo. 9, NW of Hartsel.

15. Antero State Wildlife Area below Antero Reservoir – Relatively poor stream habitat improves with distance below Antero Dam.

16. Badger Basin State Wildlife Area – Along U.S. 24 near Hartsel, this section of the South Fork is a slow, meandering river with some good holding areas thanks to a Division of Wildlife restoration project. Seasonally good for browns and rainbows west of Hartsel.

17. Spinney Mountain Ranch State Wildlife Area – Several access points to Gold Medal water along CR 59 above and below Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Known locally as the “Dream Stream,” the river below Spinney Mountain Reservoir consistently produces large browns, rainbows and cutbows. This is catch and release Gold Medal water and all fish must be released immediately to the stream. Excellent fishing but almost always crowded.  Tarryall Creek and Its Tributaries (Boreas Pass to the South Platte River)

18. Michigan and Jefferson Creeks – Public stream access includes Lodgepole and Jefferson Creek Campgrounds along Jefferson Creek (CR 37) and Michigan Creek Campground on Michigan Creek (CR 54), northwest of Jefferson. Browns and brookies under 12 inches.

19. Teter-Michigan Creek State Wildlife Area – Small, brushy stream with meandering channel and deep pools harbor browns up to 15 inches with 2 miles of public water on CR 35.

20. North Fork of Tarryall Creek – Small stream and beaver ponds with abundant brookies above Selkirk Campground. From Como take CR 33 to USFSR 801.

21. Division of Wildlife Fishing Easements on the Tarryall River – Two public easements above Tarryall Reservoir along CR 77. Fair to good fishing for resident browns and rainbows. Fishing should improve after Tarryall Reservoir is re-filled.

22. Ute Trail River Ranch – Private resort below Tarryall Reservoir on CR 77. One mile of the Tarryall River is reserved for guests only. Resident brown and rainbow trout up to 24 inches. Call (719) 748-3015 for lodging information, local fly patterns and current fishing conditions.

23. Ute Creek Ranch (South Park Fly Fishers) – One mile of private stream containing resident browns and rainbows. Large fish in canyon pools. Limited to two fly rods (only) per day. Reservations and daily access fees are required. Log on to for more information.

24. Lazy River Ranch (South Park Fly Fishers) – 1.5 miles of private stream containing resident browns and rainbows. Limited to two fly rods (only) per day. Reservations and daily access fees are required. Log on to for more information.

25. Allen Creek Ranch (South Park Fly Fishers) – Four miles of private stream containing resident browns and rainbows. Limited to four fly rods (only) per day. Reservations and daily access fees are required. Log on to for more information.

26. Spruce Grove Campground – Less than one mile of public water at the campground. Receives heavy fishing pressure during the summer but supports a healthy population of wild browns.

Park County Map

Park county map

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