Contractors in South Park


Some items on the Real Estate Contracts are scheduling nightmares. You need a survey, septic NAWT inspection, well test and maybe an appraisal. With the amount of Real Estate business in the Park right now we are short on folks that can do these things and date amendments fall like rain. In the winter keeping your house fired up and the driveway open is, without a doubt, hard with the lack of reliable snow plowers. Winterizing and firing up the house for inspection and then possibly re-winterizing will get you a little crazy. You will need an inspector in at least once or twice. The well technician at least once. Septic must be inspected and if it fails the county will have their inspector come out at least twice. Highway 285 sometimes throws Murphy at you also with white-outs and a closure. And do not forget that Christmas week for Title companies, Lenders and Banks and contractors in general. They have family plans too. These are all of Murphy’s minions.

So how do you handle all this trouble on the most important financial decisions you have made this year? You get laid back and talk to your Realtor. These problems are mostly not his making, but he is the best helper to have to solve them. If he says we have to Amend and extend for whatever problem is out there believe him because we all hate amends to dates. They have been down this road many times and will get the deal through. They call it "Putting Out Fires". Your Realtor is the best fire fighter you can work with is here to make things as smooth as possible for both the buyer and the seller. They also have a great Track record against Murphy. 


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