Camping in Park County- New Regulations! Be Aware!

Be aware while you can camp on your property in Park County all small properties now have limits.... of Days per year.

14 days without a permit.

30 days with the permit and an extension for 30 more.

90 days with a permit only along with Well & Septic.

 Questions we get:

Who or where do we get the permits?  This is through Park County.

Can I run my property as a campground?  You likely are zoned Residential, that would be a commercial endeavor so no.  Check with Park County zoning. 

What constitutes a day? Anytime you have tent or camper on the property with or without people there.

Who enforces the regulation? This is enforced by Park County Building & Zoning.

What if I setup a Yurt? 
2024:  For full time use - The "yurt" structure will need to be engineered to the 2018 IRC (Wind loads, snow loads, insulation, etc) and have a permanent engineered foundation.  It will need a full kitchen and bathroom, with a septic system, electricity, running hot & cold water and a permanent source of heat. 

If it does not meet these standards, it will not be permitted "will be classified as camping".  If it can meet these standards, inspections and the local requirements, it can be permitted. 

Yurt’s, by definition, are temporary structures.  Park County will not allow a temporary structure to be a permanent dwelling unit, but if they are built as a permanent structure, that would suffice. 

Can I put up a Container and camp?  Containers are no longer permitted on residential zoned properties without modifications, call Park County directly for requirements & other zoned areas.

Can I have a campfire while I camp?  Please contact the local fire district for current burn bans.  This will vary from day to day.

I want to set up temporary power?  You can setup small solar setups without any issue, while camping you will have to observe quite times for generators.  Currently between 10pm and 8am.

For Current regulations always be sure to contact the County.

Park County Building Dept -

Land Use Regs -

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