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At the New Year we all look to the future, make resolutions and plan changes to make our lives better. However, the New Year is also a time to reflect on and appreciate what we already have.

Clay Copeland took over Jefferson Real Estate years ago and dedicated himself to the people of Park County and those who wished to become a part of the community. He cared about the clients and the employees and the responsible growth of Park County. Last year Clay retired and sold to his son, Kevin. Clearly, Kevin had big shoes to fill.

At the end of the first year with Kevin as the managing broker of Jefferson Real Estate it may seem that nothing has changed. Jefferson Real Estate still welcomes every young family looking for the perfect starter home, every

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How do the scams work? Often the computer hackers monitor email exchanges between the parties of a real estate transaction and gain specific information, such as the buyer and seller names, subject property address and file numbers. As the closing date approaches and arrangements are made to wire the money to the closing company, or wire the proceeds from the sale of the house to the sellers, the scammer will send a last-minute email from a hijacked account or similar looking email address updating the wiring instructions to request the money be transferred into a fraudulent bank account. The email looks legitimate and often contains the transaction specific information the hackers obtained in the body of the email or as an attachment.


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February 2nd, 2019


It’s time to don your best flannel shirts, strap on those bib snow-pants and wear your best fuzzy hat!

Abominable events are not for those warm weather loving folks; we are all about celebrating everything winter has to offer.

Our winter adventure run will have your heart racing and not just because of the 10,000 foot altitude, this fun yet challenge course will have you climbing over and crawling through obstacles, running in deep snow through scenic woods and fields and sledding down steep inclines.

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Curious about what it's like on The Colorado Trail? This 486 mile hiking trail has three segments cutting through the South Park National Heritage Area, and in this episode we sit down and speak to an amazing couple who is attempting to hike it in 38 days. If you want to hear more about their adventure dig in deeper into the conversation on our sister podcast, a Slice of South Park.
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For Heart stopping grandeur!!!

Park County is many things but the shear beauty is simply never ending.  From the Grand Peaks over 14,000 feet, the Valley Rivers, Rolling Forest Hills, amazing wildlife and views that stretch for MILES!!!  Come on up and have a look at everything that a piece of Park County Real Estate have to offer you in relaxation, solitude and of course value.  We have an amazing selection to choose from… Land, Cabins and Homes and much more!!!

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When you purchase or mortgage a home or land, you sign a lot of paperwork. After closing, you get your deed and maybe an owner’s title insurance policy. Much work goes on behind the scenes under the roof of an attorney’s office, a title insurance company, or even a county courthouse to insure that there's clear title to the property. Although title searches are performed most commonly for the purpose of issuing title insurance, other reasons do exist.

Establishing Clear Title

When you are buying property, you want to know that it has clear title. Clear title means that no problems were revealed -- from a diligent search of the courthouse records -- that would cause your future ownership interest in the property to be questioned. A title

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Alma is a high mountain town, situated about thirty minutes south of Breckenridge. It’s the highest incorporated municipality in the U.S., at 10,578 ft. It’s located just north of Fairplay and the intersection of Highway 285 and U.S. 9.

Alma Colorado Homes for Sale



  • There are a number of car camping spots on the road between Alma and Kite Lake. From Main St in town, take a left on County Rd 8. The road goes 5.5 miles to the Kite Lake Trailhead.


  • In addition to Kite Lake mentioned above, the Montgomery Reservoir is a great choice less than 6 miles from town. Head north on US 9 toward Breckenridge. Make a right in 5.5 miles on County Rd 4 and follow to the lake.



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Como is a tiny former railroad community tucked away about one mile off of Highway 285. It’s located ten miles east of Fairplay.

There’s not much open in Como, except for an art gallery. The Mountain Man Gallery offers wildlife photography, jewelry and wood carvings. However, there is some traffic through town via Boreas Pass.

Homes for Sale in Como Colorado


The region’s first gold strike was at Tarryall in 1859, not far from Como. Coal mining boomed in 1871 for Como. Once the train arrived in 1879, Como thrived as the largest town in Park County, near 500. It was named after some local workers hometown in Italy.

It was a major hub of the railway for the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railway with up to 26 trains passing

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Fairplay’s convenient location makes it a popular stopping point for those exploring the Central Rockies. It’s most known for housing South Park City, an Old West museum town.

The town lies at the junction of U.S. 285 and Highway 9, about an hour and a half from Denver. Heading north on Highway 9, brings you to Breckenridge and heading south on 285 takes you to the Buena Vista.

Homes for Sale in Fairplay Colorado

Main Attractions

South Park City – A restored 19th century mining camp and museum. There are some original buildings and others were imported from South Park, a 900 square mile basin in the Rockies.


Fairplay is the statutory town that is the county seat and the most populous municipality of Park County,

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Jefferson lies in the northern end of South Park, a huge, open valley.There’s a general store, gas station and cafe in town.

The Hungry Moose Caboose serves up burgers and shakes seasonally to satisfy the summer passer-byers. There’s also a historic railroad depot and one-room schoolhouse in Jefferson.

The town is about twenty minutes east of Fairplay on Highway 285, at the western start of Kenosha Pass. The elevation is 9,501 feet.

Homes For Sale in Jefferson Colorado


Camping – If you want to camp off the grid, Lost Park has the campsites. There are numerous free, dispersed campsites once you get several miles back on Lost Park Road (1 miles east of town, take right (going south). This deadends at a Lost

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