Located in Park County, CO and the Mosquito Mountain Range, Montgomery Reservoir is a high elevation (10,873 feet) manmade lake that sits in a beautiful alpine setting between Alma, Colorado (80420) and Hoosier Pass. It’s located only about ten minutes from Alma.

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Are you thinking about selling your home? If this is your first time going through the selling process, you may be wondering just how well things are going to go. Selling a home is usually a smooth process – there are thousands sold each day – but issues can arise if you're not careful. Let's explore four mistakes that are commonly made by first-time home sellers and how you can avoid them.


Trying To Sell Without Experienced Representation


The first and most significant mistake that some first-time sellers make is to try to go it alone. Selling a house is a major financial and legal transaction and one where experience is crucial in getting things right. Invest in an agent who has a track record for quick, efficient sales and…

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Color psychology is not an exact science, but there are basic principles that marketing pros use to sell everything from greeting cards to automobiles. Much of it has to do with color. Yes, the colors you put on your walls, or on your front door, can help clinch a home sale!

Humans have emotional reactions to color, and sensory perceptions of color are remarkably consistent. Even though individual reactions can vary, it is acknowledged that some colors evoke generally positive response, while others typically generate a negative reaction. Learning the basics of colors can be as simple as studying the color wheel. Forget about the trends, and rely on your own feelings.

Warm and Cool Colors

All colors are derived from three primary hues: Red,…

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We were hiking to the summit of Twin Sisters in Rocky Mountain National Park and I was overcome with this feeling. I was happy. No, more than happy. I was jumping-out-of-my-skin-with-excitement happy. Can’t-stop-smiling happy.

Maybe it was the epic scenery that made me feel this way. Or maybe the noticeably-thin air. Or the promise of climbing to 11,427 feet—not an insignificant elevation for this flatlander. Whatever the reason, my heart was fluttering and I got all warm and mushy inside and I felt as happy as a teenager in puppy love. And then it came to me—being in the mountains feels like falling in love.

Being in the mountains is like falling in love.

Realizing you’re in love may…

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