These days, things are changing so fast, it’s tough to keep up. That’s especially true in the mortgage industry, where interest rates and the overall home loan landscape are shifting with such head-spinning speed, it's easy for outdated information to circulate, leading home buyers and homeowners astray.

You may have heard, for instance, that everyone can score a record-low interest rate, or that refinancing is a no-brainer, or that mortgage forbearance means you don't have to pay back your loan, ever. Sorry, but none of these rumors is true—and falling for them could cost you dearly.

To help home buyers and homeowners separate fact from fiction, we asked experts to highlight some rampant mortgage mistruths out there today. Whether you're…

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Some items on the Real Estate Contracts are scheduling nightmares. You need a survey, septic NAWT inspection, well test and maybe an appraisal. With the amount of Real Estate business in the Park right now we are short on folks that can do these things and date amendments fall like rain. In the winter keeping your house fired up and the driveway open is, without a doubt, hard with the lack of reliable snow plowers. Winterizing and firing up the house for inspection and then possibly re-winterizing will get you a little crazy. You will need an inspector in at least once or twice. The well technician at least once. Septic must be inspected and if it fails the county will have their inspector come out at least twice. Highway 285 sometimes throws Murphy…

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Five Reasons to Love Snow:

1. Snow Brings Out the Inner Child

Kids love snow and the older we get the more we realize that being a kid is actually the most magical time of our lives. Playing in, riding on, and throwing snow at each other helps us remember (and rekindle) that magic but with the added appreciation of adulthood.

2. Snow is Soft

Everyone knows making mistakes is a key part of learning anything. On skis or a snowboard this usually means falling on your face and/or butt. Falling is how you get better but snow beats concrete, gravel or dirt every time.

3. Snow Makes Everything Beautiful

Take some dead trees, a bunch of gross mud, even a broken down car and add a few inches of fresh white snow… instant postcard! Add…

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Como, Colorado, located north of Fairplay, was an important railroad town for the narrow gauge Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad. The railroad reached Como from Denver in 1879 and built a switch and maintenance site for the Boreas Pass line into Breckenridge, Colorado. What was called the "High Line" left the original route at Como, and proceeded across Boreas Pass to Breckenridge, and then across Fremont Pass to Leadville. This route was known for crossing the Continental Divide twice (from the Atlantic side to the Pacific side at Boreas Pass, and back to the Atlantic side at Fremont Pass), and was very difficult to operate in winter. At its peak, the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad had 335 miles of…

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Spaniards called South Park Valle Salado (Salt Valley) for the salt springs used by the Ute and other tribes. The French, who were in the area as early as the 1700s, used the Creole name Bayou Salade (Salt Marshes). American trappers, or mountain men, who began filtering into South Park in the first decade of the nineteenth century, used a mix of the French and Spanish and titled the valley Bayou Salado for the salt springs and the salty, standing water that grew rich, high protein grasses favored by big game. The name South Park was taken from the French parc, meaning game preserve and referring to the area’s vast herds of wildlife. According to historian Virginia McConnell, the name South Park was first used in the 1840s when a chain of mountain…

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