The winter season is a magical time of the year to visit Colorado. It’s the perfect season for unique activities like dog-sledding, ice climbing, and snowshoeing. Here are 10 winter adventures you’ll find in Colorado that should be on your bucket list.

1. Ice Castles

Photo Credit: Ice Castles, A.J Mellor.Photo Credit: Ice Castles, A.J Mellor.

The Dillon Ice Castles offers a winter experience unlike any other in the state. The castles are built by ice artists in Dillon’s Town Park, featuring slides, fountains, tunnels, thrones, crawl spaces, and towers that dazzle with LED color-changing lights and music. Tickets normally sell out pretty fast, so be sure to grab them in advance. Get all the details here.

2. Ice Climbing

Photo Credit: frontpoint (iStock).

Dig your axes into frozen…

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Park County’s weather can change very rapidly.  From sunshine one minute to blowing snow with no visibility in just a few minutes.  It is not unusual to get ground blizzards with winds up to 70+ mph.  Sometimes we experience a high travel volume as the highway is a designated alternate route during closures of I70.  Additionally watch for wildlife on the roads as we have a very large population of elk, deer, antelope and a growing moose population.   Be prepared for our tricky and sometimes dangerous winter driving conditions.  Always check before making the drive up. 


Below are a few tips that will help you to be a safer driver during the winter: Please note that 4 wheel drive vehicles do not stop faster on ice or snow than 2 wheel…

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 Lots of folks ask... how do I check my place when away.

There are a few options:
For Power - Cheap Option - if you have a phone line buy a cheap answering machine. Call it, if it picks up then you have power. If it does not answer..... likely you do not have power.
Power & Temp - Land Line Freeze Alarm Remote Monitor, Calls you when power and or temps drop. MUST HAVE LAND LINE. With the battery back up it will call when power drops as well.


Power & Temp - Wifi - Use a Temp Stick it will email when temps drop to your setting. If it does not report then likely you do not have power.…

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