It is critical to understand how to properly maintain your Mountain Cabin. The UV rays, wind and extreme conditions in the higher elevations of South Park can turn your dream cabin into an unsightly “shabin” within just a few years. Here are a few tips on how to keep you cabin looking new and maintain the value of your home.  


Inspect the exterior twice a year (Spring and Fall are the best times)

  •        Windows: Open the windows and walk around your cabin. Look for peeling paint/stain around the framing and sills. If you discover soft wood, this is a sign that it is time to repair or replace the damaged wood.  
  •        Log Cabins: Look for cracks in the wood. Cracks that face “upward” will collect and hold in rainwater, which can cause…

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If you love to drive your vehicle off-road, and you are new to Park County, there are some great

trails to run! The first trail to run up here if you are new to wheeling would be Beaver Creek
Road, it is an easy trail with amazing views. It is just under 9 miles long, and takes you up to
10,600 feet in altitude.

The next trail to run up here would be Beaver Ridge, it is a little more difficult than Beaver
Creek, and it is longer. The trail is 15.6 miles and takes you to 12,050 in altitude! The trail runs
next to an active mine, so the road conditions can change. You will have amazing scenery
everywhere you look.

The next trail going up in difficulty would be Breakneck Pass. It is 13.2 miles long and takes you
up to 11,430 feet. There are a few…

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