Curious about what it's like on The Colorado Trail? This 486 mile hiking trail has three segments cutting through the South Park National Heritage Area, and in this episode we sit down and speak to an amazing couple who is attempting to hike it in 38 days. If you want to hear more about their adventure dig in deeper into the conversation on our sister podcast, a Slice of South Park.
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For Heart stopping grandeur!!!

Park County is many things but the shear beauty is simply never ending.  From the Grand Peaks over 14,000 feet, the Valley Rivers, Rolling Forest Hills, amazing wildlife and views that stretch for MILES!!!  Come on up and have a look at everything that a piece of Park County Real Estate have to offer you in relaxation, solitude and of course value.  We have an amazing selection to choose from… Land, Cabins and Homes and much more!!!

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When you purchase or mortgage a home or land, you sign a lot of paperwork. After closing, you get your deed and maybe an owner’s title insurance policy. Much work goes on behind the scenes under the roof of an attorney’s office, a title insurance company, or even a county courthouse to insure that there's clear title to the property. Although title searches are performed most commonly for the purpose of issuing title insurance, other reasons do exist.

Establishing Clear Title

When you are buying property, you want to know that it has clear title. Clear title means that no problems were revealed -- from a diligent search of the courthouse records -- that would cause your future ownership interest in the property to be questioned. A title…

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