Camping in South Park: A Nature Lover's Paradise

Camping in South Park: A Nature Lover's Paradise

South Park, Colorado, offers a haven for camping enthusiasts with its stunning landscapes and abundant outdoor activities. Among the highlights of this area are Tarryall Reservoir, Jefferson Lake, Antero Reservoir, Spinney Mountain Reservoir, and 11 Mile Reservoir. These locations provide excellent opportunities for camping, fishing, hiking, and capturing breathtaking photographs.

Tarryall Reservoir, situated in the northern part of South Park, is a medium-sized lake surrounded by the Tarryall Reservoir State Wildlife Area. With its diverse wildlife and migratory birds, this wildlife refuge offers a unique camping experience. The campsites at Tarryall Reservoir can accommodate mid-sized trailers and RVs, and some are located lakeside, while others are nestled on the southwest side of the lake. Keep in mind that all campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and reservations are not possible.  Kayaks, canoes, trolling motors and paddle boards are welcome on the reservior but this is a "no wake" area.

Jefferson Lake, located in close proximity to the town of Jefferson, is another captivating camping destination. Nestled in the Pike National Forest, this picturesque lake attracts visitors with its serene surroundings and excellent fishing opportunities. Note there is no camping right at the lake but there are several campgrounds close by. Jefferson Lake is also a "no wake".

Antero Reservoir, Spinney Mountain Reservoir, and 11 Mile Reservoir are three additional camping areas worth exploring. Each of these reservoirs boasts its own unique charm and recreational activities, including fishing, boating, and hiking. The campgrounds in these areas offer a variety of amenities, ensuring a comfortable camping experience for visitors.

When planning your camping trip to South Park, it's essential to consider the availability of nearby camp stores and grocery stores. There are stores in most of the nearby towns of Lake George, Hartsel, Jefferson and Fairplay as well as resturants and shops.

Camping in South Park is a nature lover's dream come true. Whether you choose to camp near Tarryall Reservoir, Jefferson Lake, Antero Reservoir, Spinney Mountain Reservoir, or 11 Mile Reservoir, you'll be immersed in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Don't forget to explore the surrounding areas and indulge in the outdoor activities that make this region so special. Make sure to check with National Forest and the local fire district to check for any fire bans before you have a campfire!  Enjoy your camping adventure in South Park, Colorado!

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