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Oh Boy first snow this season. A little soon . Still color on the trees. First closure of Highway 285. Semis wrecking on Kenosha Pass. Ice on roads . Bald tires on trucks and cars. Bad drivers on road. On our end lots of new listings and the sun is scheduled to come back Friday. Still can look at stuff with no problems. Loan rates are great and people who have had their stuff on the market want to sell. Good time to make an offer. Sellers get nervous when it snows also. Call me and I will set you up and stop for some fresh donuts for us. Nobody is on a diet yet here. Thanks And hope to see you before it really gets nasty. The crew


Richard Poveromo

Jefferson Real Estate, Inc.



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Why do leaves change color?

The end of summer may be a bummer, but the beauty of fall foliage helps
make up for the colder weather. As the days grow shorter, leaves burst with

But have you ever wondered how and why leaves change color? You may be
surprised by the science behind it. Here, we’ll explore the basics of nature’s
greatest color show:
Typically, leaves change color in the autumn. It’s during that transitional
period between summer and winter when leaves begin to deepen and darken
in color, turning from green into a mix of red, yellow, orange, and even other
colors such as purple. The peak time for fall foliage is usually in October,
though no two seasons are identical.

While the leaves actually change color in the fall, the process

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Hello Mountain Neighbors,

Market is going strong in Park County, Summer was certainly a bit late coming.... long winter.  

We continuously say we are the top producing company in the county and again here are the figures.

Last 6 months there have been 239 Sales in the County, Jefferson Real Estate, Inc. was involved with 105 of those sales. 

Also of fact the number of listings Under Contract currently we are involved with 55% of those.

Click on this report for all of our sales Mid Summer 2019 Sales - So Far :) 



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It is critical to understand how to properly maintain your Mountain Cabin. The UV rays, wind and extreme conditions in the higher elevations of South Park can turn your dream cabin into an unsightly “shabin” within just a few years. Here are a few tips on how to keep you cabin looking new and maintain the value of your home.  


Inspect the exterior twice a year (Spring and Fall are the best times)

  •        Windows: Open the windows and walk around your cabin. Look for peeling paint/stain around the framing and sills. If you discover soft wood, this is a sign that it is time to repair or replace the damaged wood.  
  •        Log Cabins: Look for cracks in the wood. Cracks that face “upward” will collect and hold in rainwater, which can cause
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If you love to drive your vehicle off-road, and you are new to Park County, there are some great

trails to run! The first trail to run up here if you are new to wheeling would be Beaver Creek
Road, it is an easy trail with amazing views. It is just under 9 miles long, and takes you up to
10,600 feet in altitude.

The next trail to run up here would be Beaver Ridge, it is a little more difficult than Beaver
Creek, and it is longer. The trail is 15.6 miles and takes you to 12,050 in altitude! The trail runs
next to an active mine, so the road conditions can change. You will have amazing scenery
everywhere you look.

The next trail going up in difficulty would be Breakneck Pass. It is 13.2 miles long and takes you
up to 11,430 feet. There are a few

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On a listing appointment the other day I was able to visit CORA (Campground of the Rockies).  I had only heard about it but never had the opportunity to visit.  What a little gem this place turned out to be.  This is what so many people looking to buy in Park County are actually looking for… a camping spot that they can leave their camper on year round. 

With the many lots they have out there, I can only imagine the fun they must have there.  The campground is a membership park for the private use of members and their guest.  It is located in the heart of beautiful South Park Valley.  Only 100 miles to Denver and 80 miles to Colorado Springs.  Recreational facilities on common areas for the use of all lot owners include a lodge with a huge

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Deepan Dutta -

All fairy tales deserve a happy ending. In the case of Isak Heartstone, the Breckenridge trail troll, it’s a happy rebirth.

After being dismantled last year amid safety and traffic concerns at its original location near the Wellington neighborhood, the beloved and popular 15-foot-tall wooden troll has been rebuilt and restored to its former glory at a new, serene location behind Stephen C. West Ice Arena on Boreas Pass Road at the south end of town.

On Friday morning, troll creator and Danish artist Thomas Dambo was on hand to restore Isak’s namesake heartstone to his restored wooden body, which was constructed from recycled wood pallets gathered by volunteers from around town.

The perfectly

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 Richard Poveromo 
Jefferson Real Estate, Inc. 
(office)  719.838.7002 

Well here we go. Getting green and creeks are wet. Calves everywhere and birds singing. Time to get up here. You must get up here. You must ride to the fence where the west commences. You must listen to the breeze in the cottonwood trees. You must gaze into the stars until you lose your senses. Then you must come see us to buy a real live piece of this reality. We are here to find you that piece of heaven on earth. We love to get involved in your dream and fulfilling it. We also like to make some Laddybucktovos.

               We are full time, seven days a week kind of place with lots of years in this business. Lots or cabins, big or small. We have them all.

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2019 Town of Fairplay Events

Board of Trustees meetings – 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, 6pm except legal holidays.

March 2nd Fairplay's Mountain Mardi Gras Celebration, join us on "Bourbon Street" in Fairplay at the American Legion, 601 Clark Street. Authentic Cajun Cuisine, Cash Bar with Hurricanes, Costume Contest, Crowning of the Mardi Gras King & Queen, New Orleans style music provided by DJ, Sound Junction, Dancing, Beads, Tarot Card Readings, Face Painting and more. Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Adults only. This event benefits the Fairplay American Legion Post #172. Stop by Town Hall at 901 Main Street or call 719-836-2622 for tickets. (poster) (menu)
April 6th Casino Night, presented by the South
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So, you are going outside to grab some firewood and you see a dog on your property.  Oh, no!  What do you do?  Well, the first thing you shouldn’t do is shoot them.  Simply take a quick second to observe the situation.  If the animal is aggressive, DO NOT turn around and run… it will definitely chase you, as that is their instinct.  Simply stay facing the dog, and walk backwards back to your cabin.  If the dog is following you, but is not being aggressive watch it’s ears and tail.  If the ears are up and facing you, and the tail is wagging, chances are, they are a friendly dog, and you have no worries.  Simply clap your hands and yell, tell them to go away.  If they refuse, and they still appear to be friendly squat down to your knees.  They will most

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