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The Mosquito Range


The Mosquito Range (elevation approximately 14,000 ft) is a high mountain range in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado in the United States. The peaks of the range form a ridge running north–south for approximately 40 miles (64 km) from southern Summit County on the north end, then along the boundary between Lake and Park counties. The ranges forms a high barrier separating the headwaters of the Arkansas River near Leadville from South Park and the headwaters of the South Platte River near Fairplay. The highest peak in the range is Mount Lincoln at an elevation of 14,286 ft. Other fourteeners in the range are Quandary Peak (14,272 ft), Mount Bross (14,172 ft), Mount Democrat (14,148 ft), and Mount Sherman (14,036 ft).

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Vacant Land

Dos and Don'ts of Buying Land

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to buy vacant land instead of a property. It’s cheaper, you can have more land per the amount of money you spend, and land usually appreciates in value over time. While buying vacant land is a common practice in rural areas, many first time buyers tend to make certain mistakes.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the Dos and Don’ts of buying land in a rural area.

Do have a clear intent for purchasing land. If you are buying land to build a home upon it, your merits for good land would be different than if you were looking for land recreational enjoyment. You would look for its distance from main roads and public services. Whatever your reasoning to buy

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The South Park pronghorn herd (PH-30) has the distinction as being the highest elevation herd within the state of Colorado. This herd is likely at the extent of the pronghorn's habitat range, occupying a high elevation (9,000-10,000 feet) grassland steppe ecosystem. It is a relatively small herd that has maintained around 1,000 animals in recent years, but has seen numbers as low as 300 in the early 1970s. This herd experiences periodic low recruitment rates and it is not uncommon to see pre-hunt fawn:doe ratios fall below 20: 100. Game damage issues in the past kept harvest high and the overall population well below 1,000 in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Extended periods of drought and severe winters appear to be limiting factors for this herd more

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Some Highlights

  • A recent study from HarrisX shows the current health crisis isn’t slowing down today’s homebuyers.
  • Many buyers are accelerating their timelines to take advantage of low mortgage rates, and staying home has enabled some to save more money to put toward a down payment.
  • Reach out to a local real estate professional today if your needs have recently changed and you’re ready to make a move this year.

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The Como Cemetery was established by the Town of Como in 1887, when a previous burial ground was closed due to its location just above a spring that provided water for some residents, leading to fears it was a possible source of water contamination. The Town Board enacted an ordinance requiring all burials in the old cemetery be removed to the new one. Como Cemetery provided funerary services for residents of Como, surrounding small settlements, and the broader rural ranching and mining area. The first Cemetery was located in the proximity behind the old schoolhouse. Como Cemetery has 461 burial sites, with one-third of these being unknown. The Cemetery is 4.5 acres and is maintained by Park County.

It served as the site for the mass funeral and

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Boy oh Boy that last Blizzard was great! The fires got some moisture to push up the kindling point. Our state is still playing it on the safe side and the fire bans are in place. Good Idea! So when are you coming up? We can still get around with ease and Rates are still at record lows. Lots of space with no crowds. New listings daily so watch your searches. Don’t have one, then get hold of us and we will set you up. They come directly from the MLS to your Email as they hit the market. We have been masked up and going strong to keep social distant. May have to shout at you a little when we show property. I see this market sticking around so the only way for prices to go are up. Come and grab one now and make some appreciation over the winter. Things

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National Nut Day was created by the Liberation Foods Company in 2015 to celebrate and commemorate the nut. Initially, their holiday was used as a medium to tell the world about Fair Trade Nuts and the small nut producers which grow them. However, in the last few years, this holiday has spread all over the world and is celebrated by nut fans everywhere. And why shouldn’t nuts be celebrated? After all, they’ve been a part of the human diet for hundreds of thousands of years.

A few facts about nuts

  • Cashew shells are toxic
  • Peanuts aren’t nuts – they are legumes!
  • Pistachios are actually the seed of a fruit
  • Cashews are really fruits
  • The Ancient Greeks treated coughs with Hazelnuts
  • Hazelnuts are called Filberts, too
  • Almonds have
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What’s the difference between a good fisherman and a bad one?



Well, the answer might not be that easy, but there is one thing that tops the list…just like they say in REAL ESTATE, it all starts with location, location, location. Lucky for you, we have done the research, explored and tested the waters, and while we may not be revealing all the secret spots, we’ll show you where to start.


Lakes and Reservoirs – There are several lakes and reservoirs in Park County, Colorado that offer fishing year-round. Antero Reservoir, Elevenmile Canyon Reservoir, Spinney Mountain Reservoir, Jefferson Lake, and Lake George all have great fishing.


Rivers & Streams – There are some great creeks, rivers and streams that run through Park County

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